Carpentry is needed for a variety of different aspects associated with building a house.

For example, for the framing walls and partitions, building stairs, making door and window frames and installing them, making cabinets and installing them, shaping furniture as well as many other smaller tasks.

Many Oxford houses have a timber on the floor, and stud internal partitions and stairs.

Onea Business Solutions are specialists in Carpentry and Joinery, that is why now we have opened a Joinery workshop in Oxford.

Making storage spaces and cabinets

We can perform fine and detailed carpentry work, making cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, storage chests and other furniture.

Many customers ask us to make made-to-measure cabinets to perfectly fit their space.
For example, see this storage cupboard we made to perfectly fit the space at the sides of the chimney breast in the living room:

Mouldings and trims

We can make or fit in: mantles, skirting boards, door and window casings, and other such ornamental work.


We can do cabinetry, furniture making, fine woodworking, parquetry, and wood work with exact joints.

Wooden Floor

We thought to mention floorboards, because many houses in Oxfordshire have timber or hardwood floorboards, especially old houses. We have installed and also restored several beautiful wooden floors.
For old floors, we can remove the old floorboards, sand them by machine, and place them back with reduced gapping. Or perhaps using reclamation wood to complete some floor areas; also we do oil, varnishing, etc.


We can lay floor joists, which are horizontal boards that are connected to the frame of a structure just below the door level. Floor joists give a position to which a floor is attached. They also add extra strength to the floor for holding weight, and are put on decking for buildings.

Stair cases

We can build stair cases. Have a look at this one we did to fit a very particular space and shape:


We can build wooden doors, also cut or adapt doors and make them fit.
See these 2 bespoke made doors, one is exterior and another interior:

Wood window frames

We have made window frames like these below, to replace old ones that were rotten.

Stud frame structures

We build the internal skeletal structure, or the framework, of buildings using timber mostly. For example wall partitions made from timber studs.

Roof structures

We can built roof structures; rafters, beams and trusses.