A kitchen project we completed for a client

Scrapping the old kitchen
For this kitchen we removed the old cabinets, oil splash back and tiling.

Repaired the walls, plastered after removing the tiles & painted the walls and ceiling.

We prepared the plumbing for sink, washing machine & dishwasher.

The electrician prepared the electrics for the appliances: dishwasher, hob, washing machine and tumble drier; also for the cabinet & ceiling lights.

Fitting Cabinets
We checked the floor level & quality before started fitting the base cabinets. So, we fitted the base cabinets first. Then, the worktop carefully joined and catering for the sink. We fitted the wall cabinets & hood heat extractor.

Tiled splash back
On the wall between the worktop and the top cabinet we fitted tiles in a brick pattern. We fitted the splash back and then grouted the tile joints.

Laminate kitchen floor
We fitted a laminate floor for this client.

Other things we could do in kitchens

I thought to write this list of things clients have asked us for, some of them are just kitchen fittings, others are building work, carpentry or tiling.

Tiled floor
Tiles are the most requested floors for kitchens because they are easily cleaned, often only with warm water.

Bespoke cabinets
This client wanted us to build this storage cabinet in the corner, to store dry food, cans, jars packets easy to see and reach. So, she bought just the external pieces to match her kitchen cabinets and we built the shelves as she required to perfectly fit in the corner.

Change the tiled splash back
Changing tiles is always an easy makeover. Yes, there is a decorative aspect to this, but also functional; the splash back protects your kitchen wall from water and grease splashes. It must therefore be waterproof and stain-resistant, yet easy to maintain. Below are 3 samples of splash backs we have done, one in natural stone and other two in ceramic tiles.

Cabinet adjustment
If the cabinets don’t match with the size of the wall we can also modify as required. For example, some clients have asked us to complete the gapped spaces with shelves. Also we can adjust cabinets to fit kitchen appliances.

Changing cabinets on a tight budget?
Some customers don’t have budget to replace all the kitchen cabinets so they prefer perhaps to have them painted or maybe only replace the cabinet doors. Perhaps even just to replace certain specific cabinets. These are customer choices that also could work well.

Plinth heater
Some customers ask to fit a plinth heater at the cabinet’s floor level; it gives a warm air flow at floor level. This plinth heater could be electric or take water from the boiler like a radiator.

A Kitchen is usually a warm room, especially when cooking is going on, but still in winter needs heating up. We can install underfloor heating or traditional and vertical radiators in the kitchen to satisfy this need.


Other kitchen sample jobs

We have done lots of kitchens and in lots of different styles. Always bespoke to the client taste and needs. See some more kitchen work we have done:

Kitchen fitted with blue splash back

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Kitchen fitted with brown splash back

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Kitchen fitted with grey splash back

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Kitchen fitted with silver cabinets

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