Question: We would like some internal walls removed. What do we need to do?

Answer: First we need to consult a planning engineer. I could recommend a few I know if you don’t have one in mind. After the drawings have been completed, we follow his given plan (which may or may not involve a site inspection).


Question: Can we live in the house whilst you are building?

Answer: Yes, if it is not a full house renovation.
We will organise the work done to keep the areas we are not building in clean and dust free. However, you may have to accept some disturbance whilst work is on-going.


Question: Can I get a free quote for different things?

Answer: Yes, you can have a free visit and quote. And if the quote is agreed, you will have free advice and visits to get the project done.


Question: What happens if I need more things done?

Answer: We know by experience, that customers cannot pre-imagine everything from the beginning, so we are flexible on time if you need any extra job to be done.
We like to leave our customers happy until the end without rushing the jobs.