The repairs a house may need are multiple.

Paint the house

Inside or outside we can paint your house or just a room.

Replace windows

We have replaced some rotten wooden windows frames. We have also repaired ones less damaged, by filling their cracks with wood filler or by applying frame silicone.
We have also fitted new thermal PVC windows.

Insulate walls

Internally or externally, to make the rooms warmer.

Repair cracks or damp on walls and ceilings

If the damage is not deep in a ceiling, we can apply joining tape, plaster over & paint.


We could replace radiators or just a valve.
Also we can hide the radiator pipes on the wall or floor depending on the radiator’s position.

Repair roof tiles

We can change roof tiles.
If the membrane underneath the tiles is broken and leaks, we should first replace the membrane and then put back all the tiles.
If required we could add or change insulation too.

We could replace the patio slabs and then grout or mortar in between.
Also we can do decking.


We have built driveways for clients too.

Move soil

For example, some customers need to remove soil in order to flatten their gardens.


We can repair the drainage inside and outside the house.

It could be blocked or needed pipes replaced.

Wooden furniture repairs

We have done also many wood repairs for kitchen cabinets, house furniture, wardrobes, chairs, shelves, tables that are un-glued, broken or scratched.


Fences need replacing from time to time.
Sometimes it’s possible just to repair or replace some boards and panels.

And of course there are many more house repairs that clients have asked us to do for them..