Insulation is very important, it’s about the use of thermal material in all external parts of the buildings: floor, walls, ceilings and in the roof.

A good thermal barrier will increase the comfort in the house and reduce the energy bills.

This thermal material could be: expanded foam, wool, polystyrene or air.

The insulation can be applied internally or externally.

And for good insulation it is also important to have thermal windows and well-sealed doors.

For example, this is the main bedroom wall of a 1930’shouse which a client asked us to insulate.

The wall had internal damp, the room was quite cold in winter and even the street noise passed through very easily. We removed the internal plaster and found a single brick wall externally and a stud structure inside. To solve the problem, we applied wall insulation panels, small ventilation tunnels through to outside to ensure the damp was not retained, and re-plastered the wall. Now it is a warm and damp-free room.

More samples of our insulation work bellow.


Double wall and insulation:

Floor Insulation:

Roof insulation:

Wood floor underlay:

Wool roof insulation: