How do we work

If you contract us, you will see our manager Jon arriving very early in the morning with our team and tools in his van.
We will talk with you and then with the team about what needs to be done in the day and checking all the materials and space are ready for it. And you will see us with Henry the hoover and bagging building waste at the end of the day. Jon provides a taxi-like service with his van to most of the team to be sure that every trader is in time to the job.

Our relationship with our clients

Jon has good communications with our clients throughout the project. We talk through the design, selection of materials, execution of the job, as well as for the movement of furniture, waste bagging and skip disposal. Yes, waste disposal is part of our job. A job cannot be finished when there is a bag of rubbish left obstructing the way in your house or outside of the property.