This is a house and garage conversion, both done in parallel.

Garage conversion

First we removed the garage roof.

We made an opening in the house between the garage and the living room.

Removed the floor in the garage to 35 cm depth—it was old concrete foundations.

Dug a trench for building the new foundations.

Installed a new foundation of concrete, damp proof course and on top, of blocks and stones, until we were at window level.

To be more specific, in the garage floor base we used 15 cm aggregate type 1 and compressed, 3cm sand, damp proof membrane, 10cm concrete, 10 cm Celotex insulation and 10cm screed.

We laid bricks to 40cm higher than before, because the garage roof was lower. And then, when the garage walls were level with the house, we installed the roof.

The roof was insulated with Celotex and covered with felt.

We removed the old garage door and placed a new door and windows.

For the external side of the wall we re-used the same stone the garage had been built from; so we didn’t need to buy any stones, which also matched perfectly with the house.

Everywhere we removed a wall we supported the ceiling with props and timber.

We installed metallic beams (RSJ) on top of pad stones, to conform to engineering drawings.

All RSJs, in-line with building regulations, have been protected for 30 minutes’ fire, covered with pink fire retardant plaster board and re-plastered.

House conversion

In this house we removed in total 4 walls and 1 chimney in the ground floor, for which, we installed 5 new beams.

All the pillars for the beams were rebuilt with the path foundations.

Also we made good the drainage for the new garage roof with 110mm ground pipe.

As for the garage, we finished the walls and ceilings with plaster and painted in mist-white colour.

The old garage became a children’s play room.

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Kitchen fitting

For this client we also installed a new kitchen and built a cloak room.

The complete project was completed in 6 weeks.