Transforming the loft space into a room is a very common request.

Depending on the roof structure and planning constraints, a loft conversion is a straightforward way of gaining extra space

It may require us to install:

  • Skylights
  • Dormer windows
  • Raise the roof or change the roof structure.


The last option requires us to remove the old roof, then, build the walls to the height specified in the  plan for the new roof, and then put back the roof or install a new one.

The plan could have windows on the wall or on the ceiling too.

The loft room will require us to insulate walls and ceilings; add lights, electrics and heating; and paint and decorate as required.

A loft also requires access, which can be via a loft ladder or staircase.

Guidelines for loft conversions can been seen at this web address: