We can build new and repair old roofs.

Roof structures

All the new roofs need to have planning permission to comply with the building regulations. We can build the roofs according to those plans.

More or less any shape of roof can be built using a timber structure.

Roofs will also need insulation and perhaps to install grills (spacers) for the ventilation.

Roof tiling

We do also roof tiling.

The photo on the right is the roof of an extension where we need to match the old style tiles of the house, so we used reclaimed tiles, no new looking ones.
It was tricky to find those tiles but the client was very pleased with the results.

Flat roofs

Flat roofs are made up of roofing timbers, or steel joists, that are laid across two uprights walls – in most cases.

The steel joists are often built into one or both walls to give added stability to the roof structure.

The joists are then either laid on top of the steels or cut into them. These joists are spaced at a specified distance apart, to cover the surface.

The covering could be plywood or OSB timber.

They obviously need to be waterproofed, so boards are normally laid across the joists and then felt or rubber will cover the boards.

Felt & resin roofs

Felt roofs and Resin roofs are commonly required over one storey buildings and extensions, like this one below. But, the first thing for making a roof is get the walls to the right height, and then fit the roof.

Gutter & drainage

We also can install or repair guttering and make sure that drainage for the roof works correctly.