The right hand side work was before a very old tiny bathroom that needed renovation.

Wall relocation
To start this project, we relocated the right hand side wall, to get the right size to fit this bathroom nicely. So we did a partition wall.

Scrap old bathroom
We removed everything from the old bathroom: toilet, sink, radiator, old tiles, etc.

Once empty the space, we did a hole in the wall to the exterior to place a fan extractor.

We relocated the plumbing for the toilet, sink and tower rail. I mean, we relocated the water supply and drainage pipes.

Walls plastering
The walls needed some fixing but they got deeper damage because we removed the old tiles; we needed to repair the surface before tiling.  We repaired the walls and plastered them.

Install bathroom
We installed: bath, sink with cabinet unit, worktop for the sink, toilet and tower rail heater. The electrician did install the electric shower, ceiling lights and fan.

Bathroom wooden floor
We prepared the floor base with an auto levelling compound (latex). We installed a wooden floor as requested for the client.

Wall tiling
Then started the tiling of the walls and the grouting of their join gaps

Painting and decorating
Once the big parts were all on place, we covered the room to start to paint the wall and ceilings. The last touch was the fitting of the paper holder, towel holder, soup holder and mirror.


Other things we could do on bathrooms

I thought to write this list of things clients have asked us for, most of them are just bathroom pieces to install, another’s are building work, mostly in tiles.

Bathroom tiled floor:
Is the most common request because is easy to make wet and dry; few clients have asked us also to fit vinyl or wooden floors in the bathroom. Tiles come in different textures, colours and styles. Some textures make the tiles anti- slippery which is something to look at in a bathroom floor.
And tiles must have a sealant applied on top to keep them cleaner, I mean not to let the dirt and water penetrate the tile or its grout.

Handset showers:

Shower handsets are smaller than a fixed shower head and are connected to a flexible shower hose. The handset can be hold in the bracket, and when removed, it allows you to rinse and clean around your bath or shower enclosure with ease. Yes some clients like to have a handset for cleaning around, or because they have kids and they may like to play or bath with the handset in their hands.

Thermostatic valves bathroom Taps:

Bathroom taps add the perfect finishing touch. There are many variaties and prices. Today most clients prefer the taps with thermostatic mixing valves that do mix the hot and cold water supplies to produce a temperature-controlled flow. Also some clients still like to mix the water temperatures putting a plug in the sink, all is a matter of taste and likes.

Rain showers:

Yes having a shower like in a rainfall, soft or storm rain. Usually consisting of a thin square or round disk shaped head with many small holes in which water can flow out steadily and evenly. Many clients are asking for this, is just a shower head change to do.

Bathroom underfloor heating:
Underfloor heating works very well in a bathroom because it is the one place where being warm is important. Stepping out of a warm bath and put the bare feet onto a warm floor.. The warm ambient underfloor heating generates in bathroom is really comfortable.. This underfloor heating could be electric or boiler heated; and proves to be cost efficient way to heat in the long run.

Standing up shower instead of bath:
Some people prefer to shower other prefer bath. Standing up showers use to take less space and they could have a tray base (usually square or rectangle shape), or it can be tanking, it means tiling and water proofing all the walls and floors around to bath in the room.

Electric showers:
Many clients worry the capacity of their boiler is not enough to give warm water to everybody showering in the morning.. and having to end their showers with cold water. Instead of upgrading the boiler which is a expensive, an electric shower can do the work.

Where to place the shampoo:

Some clients asked us to do embedded boxes in the bathroom tiles for holding the shampoos. The picture above is a tanking shower we did for a client, with the place for the shampoo embedded in the wall, with a place where to sit or just place the towels folded, all made in waterproof sealed tiles.