Extension of houses. For example extending the kitchen or the living room.

A house extension will usually be single storey or double storey.

Planning Permission

A house extension does always need planning permission to comply with building regulations. We could suggest some architects we know, if planning is required though.

Whatever the case, we will arrange for building inspectors coming to check and approve everything, to make sure it is right.

Things to look at before starting a house extension:

• The soil and ground conditions, because if it is the ground floor, we will need to build good foundations.

• How easy is to access the site, for us to bring in tools and machinery? Can we use a digger or do we need to dig the foundations manually? Can we park our van in the house front with the tools without obstructing the road?

• Existing structure. Do we need to remove any structural walls that require steel beam support? The engineering drawings will indicate the requirements.

• Do we need to move any pipework, drainage, gas or electricity meters? Moving these things requires the correct supplier to come and complete the work – this will not be a quick arrangement.

Common extension uses

Clients frequently require us to build an extension for example to:

• Move the kitchen into the extension
• Make a playroom for kids in a ground floor extension
• Make a bathroom or utility room.

Most cases we take the extra space from the back or side of the house.

Extension work

Extensions require most of our building skills, but especially:

• Ground work
• Foundations work
• Walls and roof work
• Installing RSJs


After the structural building work has finished, the extension will require internal and external finishing: plastering or rendering, painting the walls and putting in a floor etc.

And of course, extensions need: insulation, ventilation, heating, electrics, lighting, may be a door, windows, etc., to make it functional.

Sometimes clients ask us also to do a kitchen fitting or a bathroom fitting in the extension.

Also, sliding or folding doors are a popular addition to extensions to save space.

Sample of our work

We have done many extensions, but have written a webpage about one that was quite an interesting recent project:
House extension in Begbroke