We build with brick, blocks and stones, to make solid walls with or without cavity holes.
Also bricks and stones can be laid to build driveways and patios.

Wall brick laying

Walls may need to be reinforced along their length, width or height, using the latest wires or ties.
For brick laying we use cement mortar and lime mortar mixed with sand and water in different proportions.
Below is an example of house walls we built from the floor base to the top. It was a cavity wall, with a steel reinforcement, waterproof membrane course on the first rows and ties to join the double walls:

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Driveway & patio with supporting brick walls

This driveway we built, has a layout designed with bricks. We used black bricks & red stones.

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Also we can do different bricks patterns; some are appropriate for walls other for floors:




Interior and exterior walls of the building can be covered with rendering or plasterboard next.

There are also nice looking bricks or stones, some clients ask us to leave them exposed.